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Below is the message I present to blindness agency counselors and professionals concerning Sero and System Access from Serotek Corporation.
This is based on my personal experience and recommendations. However, any company names that are used remain the property and right of their respective owners.
These products, along with their free solution, SA To Go, give blind and visually impaired people affordable, lower cost accessibility screen reader options.

Hi. This is your friend, Tony Broome.

Serotek Corporation is the leader in mobile access technology products with its innovative System Access and remote access solutions. With their mission of:   Accessibility Anywhere, they promote and offer products for the Accessible digital Lifestyle.

Sero is an online community of blind and visually impaired people from different parts of the world, who all have at least one thing in common, besides being blind, they also see the need of being online and gaining pleasure and independence from the wealth of knowledge and information which their internet experience provides for them. You are also aware of the fact that, many blind people simply cannot afford the cost of high-priced screen readers and access technology like Jaws or Window Eyes. These are certainly wonderful products in themselves, and many of us would not be where we are today if it hadn't been for the use and training of others to use them. However, when something comes out at a much more affordable price which allows the everyday blind computer user the ability to be able to perform the common pc tasks of word processing, spreadsheets and using general office applications, like Microsoft Word and Power Point, plus, doing virtually everything online which is done by his sighted friends or family members, surely, it should receive strong consideration, at the least.

Jaws and Window Eyes are constantly pushing for more features with major upgrades. And with the major upgrades come major prices, and many have already been left behind in the upgrade shuffle. Now, many of you or your clients use a somewhat older version of Jaws or Window Eyes which is currently fitting the bill as far as meeting your needs. If that's the case, that's fine. But, some of you are already left out in the cold as far as pricing is concerned.

Now, this isn't a help poor old pitiful blind me, message time. We're just talking reality here. I'm just being as honest as I can and giving you the information to help as many people as I can to know some of the things which we have had to learn the hard way.

Let me just put it this way. For around $500 you can buy yourself a nice, basic pc. Add System Access for a fraction of the cost of other conventional access products, and, you've gotten yourself a pc running the current Windows operating system, with speech access. Using Sero for all your online activity, and System Access for your offline applications, you have complete accessibility for your Windows operating system, including multi-across platform devices and apps. Support is provided for browsers and Office through Windows, plus Skype is supported with accessibility exceeding other access products.

Sero is used quite successfully with social networks, including Facebook, and Twitter. Of course there's support for email and online audio listening including many dvs dramas and movies not otherwise available.

System Access To Go!

Not only can system Access be operated using installed software, but, you can now run System Access For Free from any pc with an internet connection and sound! No driver or anything has to be installed. If you are a Serotek customer, you can use it without limitation if you have a current Sero account. You can also sign up for a Trial account or use it as a current session access technology tool without logging in.

Running SA To Go is simple. With no screen reader or other speech access product loaded; press the Windows Start key plus R to bring up the Run dialogue; type in:
and press Enter. ollow the DecTalk speech prompts, and start using System Access To Go right now! for accessibility for anybody, anywhere! And, once you are done using it, just close it out with one of its modifier keys, Insert or Caps lock, plus F4, and System Access will close; leaving no trace on the pc you are using. No more will you have to try to explain to some sighted person regarding their unnecessary worry about the possibility of some unwanted screen reader or access technology piece of software being installed on their system.

I challenge those of you in the technology field and profession!
Don't be bound by accessibility tradition or agency stigma! Do yourselves and the students and those you serve a favor by introducing them to this wonderful technology today! System Access To Go Gives Universal Access to Anyone From Any Pc Anywhere!

Be Sure To Check With Serotek For The Latest On Their Products And Current Pricing!

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