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The Gospel Banner Exchange.

I get requests asking me for link exchange. That means, one site will allow you to place your link on their site if you will allow them to do the same.
This may work for some people but it's hard to maintain and requires that you place links on your site which otherwise you might not ordinarily.
That is why we have this page allowing you to promote Tony Broome Ministries website, at your own will as God leads you.
No permission is required. The fact that this page is here for the purpose and that you are willing to help us promote the good news of the gospel is all the permission you need.
Just follow the simple instructions below to place a text Link or 468x60 Banner on your website or blog.
Promoting Tony Broome Ministries is a great way to be a blessing to those around you and reach the world for Jesus Christ.

Copy The Code Below And Paste It Into Your Web Page Or Blog Where You Want Our Text Link To Appear.

<p><a href="">Tony Broome Ministries: Focusing On The Anointing!</a></p>

Copy The Code Below And Paste It Into Your Web Page Or Blog Where You Want Our Banner To Appear.

<p><a href=""><img src="" style="border:0; width:468; height:60;" alt="Tony Broome Ministries: Focusing On The Anointing!" /></a></p>

Thank You For Helping Us Spread The Gospel And Connect People With The Anointing.

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