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Statement Of Belief And Faith!

God is one God in three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus, the perfect Lamb of God is the only sacrifice for our sins and the only way to heaven and eternal life. Justification comes through faith in Christ alone. Sanctification is a definite work of grace, giving the believer power over sin. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is for all sanctified believers, with initial evidence of speaking with tongues. Devine healing is provided in the atonement; God still heals in our day, according to his choosing and sovereign will. The gifts of the Spirit are to remain in effect until Christ returns for the Church, in the next great event on God's calendar, known as the Rapture. After the Tribulation Christ will return to earth to set up his kingdom and will reign for a thousand years. Then, the new Jerusalem will descend, where we will enjoy heaven with God for ever.

Tony Broome Ministries Privacy Policy!

This website is committed to spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to reach the lost, edify the body of Christ the Church, and to encourage those in Christian ministry; as well as, inform Blind and Disabled people about computers and access technology solutions necessary to use them successfully.
Although our site does not sell any thing, products and services which are especially designed for Christians and disabled or blind and general pc and other technology users are included to be informational and helpful.

Selected ads, including interest-based ads displayed by Google as a third party, as well as other links outside our ministry and pc access technology helper website, are included to enhance your Christian, internet, and general well-being of life experiences.

Browser cookies, including Dart cookies, which are used to serve ads designed for enhancement and interest of those visiting our site do not collect personal identifiable information.
These may be restricted, deleted, or turned off under the General or Privacy tabs in your web browser.

The information you provide through the Ministry Contact form is only used in our correspondence with you, to help you as a Believer, someone desiring to come to Christ or know more about Him; or, anyone wanting to receive our weekly email devotional.

The policy of No Spam and personal privacy is one that is practiced by Tony Broome Ministries as website owner, and Witness Today as web host provider.

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